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Harold 'Brain' Hellman was a former associate of Snake Plissken and Fresno Bob.


During a job in Kansas City in 1993, Hellman abandoned Plissken and Bob, leaving them for dead.


By 1997, Hellman was imprisoned at the New York Maximum Security Penitentiary and went by the name "Brain." In the prison, he made gas for the Duke of New York and obtained a diagram of the mined 69th Street bridge. The Duke had also given him a "squeeze," Maggie, in order to "keep him happy."

After the President crash-landed inside the prison's walls, Snake was sent in to retrieve him. Snake was subsequently brought to Brain by Cabbie. Knowing that the President was in the Duke's grasp and that Brain had a connection with the Duke, Snake demanded that Brain help him in his mission.

Brain led Snake down the treacherous Broadway and to the Duke's train yard hideout, distracting guards as Snake snuck in and took the President. However, when Snake was caught, Brain maintained to the Duke that he was forced to help.

The Duke later demanded the bridge diagram from Brain, who urged him to leave Snake alive.

Brain then determined that Snake had infiltrated the prison by landing a glider atop the World Trade Center. He and Maggie than set out to rescue the President, killing Romero in the process. They made their way to the World Trade Center, but the glider was pushed off of the roof as Snake joined them.

The Duke ambushed them on the ground floor, but they managed to escape and were picked up by Cabbie. Brain helped Snake navigate the 69th Street bridge until Snake mistakenly hit a mine, killing Cabbie and destroying the cab. On foot, the group continued, but Brain accidentally stepped on a mine and died instantly.

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