The Escape Agenda is a series of fan films starring Hector De La Rosa as Snake Plissken and Gayle Bykowics as "Cyber" Sally Callahan. The first film was made in 2012 and dealt with the events immediately after the film, with Plissken escaping the USPF facility with the aid of Bob Hauk. The second is set a year later and show Plissken hiding out in the Canadian wilderness, struggling with wildlife, alcohol, the memory of Taylor, and the Crazies. The film ends on a cliffhanger when, stopping off at a Hell's Angels-styled bar at Hauk's request and getting involved in a bar fight, Plissken is knocked unconscious by mercenaries of an unknown Asian-American gang leader. The third features a flashback to EFNY and features a scene adapted from part of the novelization that was cut from the film. De La Rosa also appear make Escape From New Jersey with Chris R Notarile after completing the first Escape Agenda.