The United States Police Force (USPF) is the American Fascist government's group of soldiers & law enforcers. The USPF is also responsible for imprisoning criminals in Manhattan Island Maximum Security Prison in New York and deporting "moral criminals" to Los Angeles Island.


Original emblem of the United States Police Force Fascist Police Force


Emblem as of 2013 Fascist State


USPF officers



The USPF was formed in 1991, three years after the crime rate had risen over four hundred percent.


The standard uniform of USPF personnel in both Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. consists of a solid black tactical uniform with black leather combat boots. Rank and file officers and soldiers are issued the black uniform as well as a black bulletproof vest and a black riot helmet with a tinted visor.


The weapons used by the USPF varies in both films. In Escape From New York, USPF personnel were armed with M16 assault rifles without the triangular foregrip or fitted with a slender plastic foregrip. In Escape from L.A., USPF personnel were armed with FN FAL battle rifles with M203 40mm grenade launchers fitted under the barrel.

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The USPF were created by John Carpenter.


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